Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox



Jan 21, 2010


226 pages


Non-Fiction, Health


Written by a clinical audiologist with over 20 years experience, Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox is a great resource for people with tinnitus (ear noise). The author also has tinnitus, and has used treatment tools to go from severe tinnitus distress to coping well. Many people with tinnitus also have hearing loss or sound sensitivity (hyperacusis).

Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox describes a wide range of traditional and alternative treatment approaches and coping strategies. Information is based on scientific research review as well as the author’s personal and clinical experience.


Tinnitus is a name given to noises in the ears that people hear when there is no outside noise source. In other words, you are hearing something that nobody else can heat It is extremely common. Why don’t people talk about it? It is probably because tinnitus is also invisible to other people’s eyes and ears. People with tinnitus often feel uncomfortable telling other people “I hear noises in my ears (or head) , but nobody else can hear them.” As an audiologist doing hearing tests and counselling, I have often been the first person people have told about their tinnitus. I have also personally had tinnitus for over 20 years, and telling people about it has never come up naturally in conversation. Tinnitus is very much a hidden symptom.


The US Review of Books
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"Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox shows there is effective treatment available for both longtime sufferers and those just learning about the condition. It's clear that Mayes was motivated by empathy for those suffering from tinnitus. "
Goodreads Review
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"While the book doesn't promise instant cures for your case, Mayes writes from a compassionate and understanding view since she suffers from it too. Her findings may help you pin the true cause and treatment for you."
Amazon Review
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"This is a straight forward, practical guide written by a registered audiologist who had severe tinnitus. Her book is informative and provides a number of strategies and techniques to assist in habituating. It does not promise a 'cure'. What it provides is information and realistic methods to help you to cope."
Lucy Handscomb, Chair of British Tinnitus Association Professional Advisory Committee
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The book’s style is clear and accessible. The book will give people a much better understanding of tinnitus and treatment approaches. The information and advice it offers is sound and helpful.
Tinnitus Today (2010, Winter)
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"A very resourceful book."
E. Eyres, Tinnitus Association of Canada
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"This well-organized, well-written book is highly recommended."