Hyperacusis Screening Test

There is currently no screening test for people with hyper ears or hyperacusis. With hyper ears, it’s as if the volume of the world is stuck on loud. Scientists are working on a valid reliable 10 question screening test. In the meantime, these are some questions to consider. The more ‘yes’ answers, the more severe the hyper ears.

  • Are you bothered by sounds others are not?
  • Are you afraid of sounds others are not?
  • Do sounds ever cause you worry, stress, irritation or annoyance?
  • Are you emotionally drained by daily sounds?
  • Do you ever not go out because you would be exposed to bothersome sound?
  • Do you ever isolate yourself in quiet environments so you won’t be exposed to bothersome sound?
  • Do you ever use earplugs or earmuffs to reduce loudness of sound around you when other people don’t use hearing protection (e.g. at mall, out in public, etc.)?

Hyper ears is treatable.

Action: Scientists? Doctors? Audiologists? Can you please hurry up and pick standard hyperacusis screening tests for scientific and clinical use?

Jan L. Mayes MSc writes horror fiction and non-fiction. She’s an international Eric Hoffer Award winning author, blogger, and audiologist specializing in ghosts, noise, tinnitus-hyperacusis, plotting murders, and eating cookies. She’s a member of A Writer’s Path Writing Club and The Ladies of Horror Fiction.

Photo by Alonso Vila Ulloa on Unsplash

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