Tinnitus Cures?


On-line tinnitus world is full of people and products claiming cures.  If there were a cure for tinnitus, we would all be using it.  Especially the millionaire celebrities with T who could afford a cure if there was one out there. A cure would work for everyone.  Nobody would be struggling with T any more – but that just isn’t the case.  Most of the cures are alternative approaches including homeopathy and herbs.  Some have risks or side effects that are often not mentioned in marketing ads.  And scientific evidence-based research has not shown any significant benefit.  So why are there so many claims out there?  I think there are two main reasons.  First: scientific studies look at group data results.  Some individuals within the group might notice total or partial relief but it is not statistically significant.  It happens too rarely – because the majority of people get no benefit.  Second: imagine you are one of those individuals who found relief.  If it were me, I might shout it across the Internet too.  But these things are not a cure in terms of stopping tinnitus for everyone with T.  They are things that in some cases might give a bit of relief from T.  Or they’re an alternative healing approach that improves wellness and that can help people cope better.

I was going to try to do some tool reviews of these products, but there are too many out there from tinnitus chewing gum, tinnitus herbal pills, homeopathic tablets and more. (Next time someone is crying at an appointment, should I offer them gum?)  I like to know what the product ingredients are, but I couldn’t find any information for a lot of the stuff out there.  That is not a good thing. I’ve been willing to try almost anything. This includes alternative approaches from local wellness stores or local alternative healing providers (things like herbs, acupressure, homeopathy, yoga and even inversion therapy).  Some of these definitely helped me feel better in general.  The best result I got was from an herb that ‘took the edge off’ my T.  And once I ‘cured’ my T with yoga by bending over upside down and making my arms and legs into a pretzel and then turning my head to the left – T off!  ‘Cure’ only lasted as long as I was a pretzel.

If you’re considering alternative approaches for tinnitus, be informed.  Learn about them first. Check with your doctor and make sure whatever you’re thinking of taking or trying is safe for you.  See if there is a money back guarantee.  Decide for yourself if the cost is worth the potential benefit (usually no difference, sometimes improved wellness or rarely partial relief).  Use a reputable product or provider.  And if you’re one of those really rare folks who get total relief, then I’m very happy for you.  But that effect is far too rare to be called a cure. It’s just too much like pixie dust.

Note:  Research shows ear candling or ear coning does nothing and can be dangerous with risks including burns and damage to the ear canal or middle ear system.  People with T should never consider ear candling as an alternative option.

Jan L. Mayes ©2010