The Police Car Incident

I love reading so much, I once walked into a telephone pole while reading and walking home from school. And then there was the police car incident.

Nobody would stop. I was 8. Old enough to walk to and from school by myself. The cars zipped by while I waited at the crosswalk.

Needing something to occupy my time until the road was clear, I pulled out a book and started reading. It was a gripping read. Capturing my attention completely.


I looked up. Lines of cars stretched back from each side of the crosswalk. Running uphill and down. A police car was at the front of the downhill line. Clearly nobody else had dared to go with the police right there watching the crosswalk. The police gently honked again.

I struggled to stuff my book in my bag while trying to run across the crosswalk. How humiliating. And they interrupted at the most thrilling part of the story.

I vowed never to read at crosswalks again.

©2017 Jan L. Mayes
Eric Hoffer Award Winner

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