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Trivia Quiz: Southern Resident Killer Whales – The Next Species Extinction

I have grown up hiking, camping, fishing, and boating by the Salish Sea. I have watched the whales from shore and quietly by boat. On a whale watching tour in 2009, I saw a super pod of J, K, and L including calves and adults. This irreplaceable whale species – currently at 73 members in the total global population – has cultural and spiritual significance to First Nations, British Columbians, Canadians, and the world. Let’s act to save them before it’s too late.


The future of killer whale recovery

This free pdf is at my issuu online publication platform. It is a text transcript I did of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s educational livestream hosted by Bob McDonald of CBC. Link: The future of killer whale recovery. If humans don’t protect the whale’s habitat from noise pollution, the whales have no future.

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