Highly Sensitive People

Some people with tinnitus or fibromyalgia also have some hyperacusis.  Everyday sounds feel painful or annoying.  These are sounds that don’t bother other people like water running, doors closing or regular conversation.  It is as if the volume of the world is stuck on high. One difficulty in my experience is that hyperacusis is often …

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Widex Mind 440

Widex Mind 440 Supplier: Widex Hearing Instruments Cost: May vary depending on the audiology/hearing aid clinic; pricing should be consistent with other digital hearing aids available in the marketplace.  In Canada this would be approximately $2500 per aid. Category: Sound Enrichment; Hearing Loss Management Sound Type: Relaxation sound (fractal music; pink noise). Sound Device: Hearing aid …

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Eyebrow Acupressure

EYEBROW ACUPRESSURE Supplier: Yourself Cost: Free Category: Mind Enrichment or Sleep Management Type: Relaxation Mind Enrichment Source: Parents Canada March/April 2010 p. 23 How to Use: Gently massage between your eyebrows to induce a deep sleep. Anecdotal Evidence: Some people find acupressure relaxing. Evidence Based Research: Research studies have found that acupressure can improve relaxation and …

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