Widex Mind 440

Widex Mind 440 Supplier: Widex Hearing Instruments Cost: May vary depending on the audiology/hearing aid clinic; pricing should be consistent with other digital hearing aids available in the marketplace.  In Canada this would be approximately $2500 per aid. Category: Sound Enrichment; Hearing Loss Management Sound Type: Relaxation sound (fractal music; pink noise). Sound Device: Hearing aid …

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Eyebrow Acupressure

EYEBROW ACUPRESSURE Supplier: Yourself Cost: Free Category: Mind Enrichment or Sleep Management Type: Relaxation Mind Enrichment Source: Parents Canada March/April 2010 p. 23 How to Use: Gently massage between your eyebrows to induce a deep sleep. Anecdotal Evidence: Some people find acupressure relaxing. Evidence Based Research: Research studies have found that acupressure can improve relaxation and …

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