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How to Protect Kid’s Ears from Constant Headphone Use

This recent NYT article by Joyce Cohen identifies evidence-based noise risk info for parents and others on How to protect kid’s ears from constant headphone use. It’s not just kids. Everyone who listens at >50% volume is at risk of permanent progressive hearing health damage. Teach children to keep the volume <50% to protect their hearing, speech understanding, and music clarity for future quality of life. Teach children to entertain themselves with activities that don’t include using headphones with devices.

Photo by Mpumelelo Macu on Unsplash


New Tinnitus Study: Good Vibrations with Surf Sound Therapy

A new tinnitus surf sound therapy study was published in the open access Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology: Good Vibrations: A Proof-of-Concept Study of the Preferred Temporal Characteristics in Surf-Like Sounds for Tinnitus Therapy.

This sound therapy would likely help people with tinnitus and hyperacusis if they like the sound type or find it comfortable for listening.

Feature Image by Jeremy Bishop at Unsplash.


Education Report: Canada Federal Air Pollution Plus Noise Pollution Public Policy

I wrote this as a free share to raise awareness about greater public health risk from combined pollution, e.g. air plus noise pollution worse than either alone.

Mayes, Jan L. (2019, Oct 5). Education report: Canada federal air pollution plus noise pollution public policy.


Right to Quiet Society Newsletter

In 2018-2019, the Canadian non-profit charity The Right to Quiet Society for Soundscape Awareness and Protection published several of my guest articles in their newsletter. Read the articles using these links:

Mayes, Jan L. (2018, Spring). Noise discrimination against people with hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis. The Right to Quiet Society Noise Letter.

Climate change and unhealthy wind turbine noise (Right to Quiet Society Noiseletter, Spring 2019, p. 4)

US Quiet Communities Act of 2019 pending federal funding (Right to Quiet Society Noiseletter, Summer 2019, p. 2)

EU Laws requiring noisy electric cars ignore public health guidelines (Right to Quiet Society Noiseletter, Summer 2019, p. 3)

How fireworks can affect your health and the ecosystem (by CBC News (but such a good article I had to share here), Right to Quiet Society Noiseletter, Summer 2019, p. 5)