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Free online tinnitus hyperacusis coping tool resources

Last update April, 2020. Feature photo by Fernando @cferdo on Unsplash.

There are lots of free resources online for people looking for tinnitus-hyperacusis coping tools. This includes people from the normal hearing, Hearing Loss or Hard of Hearing, and Deaf communities. Scientists think tinnitus-hyperacusis come from hyperactive hearing systems. 

Tinnitus = extra sound heard.

Hyperacusis = extra loud sound heard.

Many people have both. Hyper ears come in all ages and genders. These free international tinnitus hyperacusis links have helpful info, mostly in English. I don’t recommend or endorse resources. These aren’t affiliate links so I don’t get paid if people click on them. This is just an info share on websites with helpful free resources, peer support, and social media options. No sales links.

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Better Days by Radical Face

This short song Better Days by Radical Face seems to fit pandemic times and any other stressful times in life. “There are better days ahead. But it’s probably going to take some time.”

I love this mainly acoustic version with guitar, piano, and vocals. Make sure the volume is soft and comfortable for listening.


New Tinnitus Study: Good Vibrations with Surf Sound Therapy

A new tinnitus surf sound therapy study was published in the open access Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology: Good Vibrations: A Proof-of-Concept Study of the Preferred Temporal Characteristics in Surf-Like Sounds for Tinnitus Therapy.

This sound therapy would likely help people with tinnitus and hyperacusis if they like the sound type or find it comfortable for listening.

Feature Image by Jeremy Bishop at Unsplash.