short story

Dog Park Allergy

His Highness and I decided to take our Blue Heeler boys down to the local off leash dog park. It’s a nice brisk walk to get there; Taz and Wiley were eager to arrive. We stood at one side of the field, happily throwing the ball for Taz to fetch. As usual, Wiley just raced …

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Double Vision

[Fiction, horror, paranormal] Something woke her in the depths of the night. Propping herself up on her elbows, Lidia looked past the foot of the bed towards the slight figure outlined in the doorway to the ensuite bathroom. “What are you doing up, hun?” she mumbled sleepily. Turning down the coverlet, she patted the bed …

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Pet Spirit In The Wind

I’ve always been interested in the paranormal. Ghosts. Spirits. Psychic abilities. I saw my first full body apparition when I was a young child. I thought he was real as he walked out of the dark green forest and into the sunny clearing where I was standing. Until he disappeared in front of my eyes. …

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