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My SoundScape Listening Memories

Sound isn’t just about the tone or loudness. It’s about the quality of sounds and the feelings they trigger. The memories the soundscape evokes. The crack of a baseball bat and cheers from a Little League game at the nearby park. Kids getting called in for dinner. Bikes whizzing by. Seagulls screeching as they try to steal french fries near the beach snack stand.

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Noise in the City Panel Discussion

Noise in the City Panel Discussion

On February 28, 2019, the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Institute for Humanities held a Noise in the City educational panel discussion at the downtown Vancouver campus. It featured scientists Barry Truax, Hugh Davies, and Right to Quiet Society soundscape activists Hans Schmid and and Karl Raab. I attended this 1.5 hour presentation and did up this transcript for the YouTube video to make it more accessible.

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