The Worst Advice I’ve Heard for Author Branding

I write horror fiction and non-fiction health. This is a problem for author branding or communicating my author style to readers. It’s not a problem for readers going from horror to non-fiction. It’s a big problem for readers going from non-fiction to horror. Some readers expect my fiction to be educational and encouraging like my non-fiction. …

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Dreams of Debbie

Cindy dashed past, chasing her fluffy golden pup. Almost knocking Babs over as she toddled along in front of my knees. Grasping my fingers firmly for balance. It was our wedding anniversary. September 11. We were trying to decide on something special to cook for dinner to go with our chilling champagne. Not that we …

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Double Vision

[Fiction, horror, paranormal] Something woke her in the depths of the night. Propping herself up on her elbows, Lidia looked past the foot of the bed towards the slight figure outlined in the doorway to the ensuite bathroom. “What are you doing up, hun?” she mumbled sleepily. Turning down the coverlet, she patted the bed …

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