Canada Geese Migration Luck

[genre: non-fiction, humour] His Highness and I were on a nature walk with Dingo and Wiley, looking forward to watching Canada Geese migration. The dog and puppy running, herding, and using logs and debris as an agility course seemingly custom designed for their Blue Heeler joy and enlightenment. Overhead, the harsh cries of Canada geese …

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Avast Me Hearties This Be a Pirate Mini-Story

[Genre: fiction, humour, short story] The child slumped through the front door after school. Despair hanging above her head like a plump rain cloud. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I have to write a poem.” “That doesn’t sound so hard.” “About pirates.” “You can do it.” “Why didn’t they ask us to do something good, like …

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Accessible Tinnitus Mobile Wellness Apps

33% of Deaf people have tinnitus (T). Half of people with T have hearing loss. Any mobile coping apps for people with T distress must be accessible for people who can’t hear spoken instructions. Accessibility includes trained speakers with deep distinct speech, visual indicators, text-based or open captioning (subtitles on). Tinnitus scientists are developing mobile …

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