noise risk

Noise and Children’s Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 1.1 billion children and teenagers are at risk for long-term hearing loss from high level noise. Noise damage also causes tinnitus (hearing extra sound) and hyperacusis (hearing sound extra loud).  The Quiet Coalition reports that environmental noise pollution is a public health crisis. This includes health effects starting …

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The Danger of Balloons

Loud balloons damage hearing. But they don’t come with any warning about hearing risk from loud impulse sounds. Current science shows noise, including sudden impulse noise, can damage the inner ears and the connections between the inner ears and hearing nerves. This can cause tinnitus, hyperacusis and/or hearing loss. Experts believe peak impulse noise of …

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Transportation Noise Pollution is Preventable

Transportation noise pollution is a public health crisis. Noise from airports and airplane flight corridors, traffic, railways, and public transit. Noise pollution hurts everyone, but children, pregnant women, the elderly, shift workers, people with chronic health problems, and noisier low income communities are most at risk. From chronic noise day after day, and night after …

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