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Right to Quiet Society Newsletter

In 2018-2019, the Canadian non-profit charity The Right to Quiet Society for Soundscape Awareness and Protection published several of my guest articles in their newsletter. Read the articles using these links:

Mayes, Jan L. (2018, Spring). Noise discrimination against people with hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis. The Right to Quiet Society Noise Letter.

Climate change and unhealthy wind turbine noise (Right to Quiet Society Noiseletter, Spring 2019, p. 4)

US Quiet Communities Act of 2019 pending federal funding (Right to Quiet Society Noiseletter, Summer 2019, p. 2)

EU Laws requiring noisy electric cars ignore public health guidelines (Right to Quiet Society Noiseletter, Summer 2019, p. 3)

How fireworks can affect your health and the ecosystem (by CBC News (but such a good article I had to share here), Right to Quiet Society Noiseletter, Summer 2019, p. 5)


Poem: Gaia’s Garden

I wrote this poem as lyrics for a song in my climate fiction novel that I plan to publish in 2020-2021. My idea was inspired by drought and summer fire destruction happening in my province of British Columbia, Canada, and in other locations around the world.

My story takes place in a future devastated by global warming, rising temperatures, and annual firestorms. Every year, the people left alive come together to sing Gaia’s Garden as part of an annual mandatory community ritual.

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