Author: Jan L. Mayes
Genre: Non-Fiction, health
Publisher: Jan L. Mayes
Publication Year: 2019
Length: 457 pages
Trim: 9×6
Paperback ISBN: 9781775270515
Paperback Price: 24.99
eBook ISBN: 9781775270508
eBook Price: 9.99

Flesch Reading Ease = 66
Reading level = age 14-15 +

About the Book

Tinnitus Toolbox Hyperacusis Handbook covers currently available international science-based approaches including self-help, guided self-help, professional treatments, clinical trials, and experimental research.

This book describes options and how to use them most effectively. For people in the hearing loss and Deaf communities, this includes coping tools that don’t rely on sound or hearing to help lower any tinnitus or hyperacusis related distress.

There are chapters on noise damage (occupational and environmental), noise control, and hearing protection, including hyperacusis overprotection. Universal hearing healthcare is described as a way of significantly cutting overall healthcare costs.

This book gives people the current state of Hyper Ears World. The factual science-based info they need to be informed consumers about the tools they choose to use in their personal tinnitus-hyperacusis toolbox.

To avoid defective products and scams.

To find no to low cost coping tools including free mobile apps.

To find the coping tools needed to cope better and have a better quality of life

For people with tinnitus or hyperacusis, knowledge is power

Tinnitus Toolbox Hyperacusis Handbook

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This book is an essential resource for clients and professionals. Jan is an audiologist who has lived the experience of tinnitus and sound tolerance, developing useful strategies along the way. She is able to communicate her understanding of these complex issues in a way that any of us can understand.

Charlotte Douglas Aud(C)

I suggest that all oto-rhyno-laryngologists take a look at it. They could discover how to be more useful to their patients than they usually are at this time.

Danielle Tremblay

A wonderful opportunity to get in-depth information about past, present, and potential of future developments about this topic.

A. Lafargue, Aud(C)

I cried, laughed, and loved Jan through the whole read…I’m not alone or crazy. I know there is a massive toolbox for me.

G. Slater

For everyone with tinnitus or hyperacusis who’s been told that nothing can be done.

A. van Maanen, Aud(D)

I’d classify this nonfiction book as a reference document, as well as a readable guide to managing tinnitus.

Rich Long