Tinnitus-Hyperacusis Updates

Hearing, tinnitus, and hyperacusis in the arts pdf Dr. David Baguley,  British Tinnitus Association president, wrote this excellent article on how hearing, tinnitus, and hyperacusis are represented in movies, literature, film, and art. (Originally published in ENT and Audiology news/JULY/AUGUST 2018/Vol 27 No 3.)

Science Updates

American Tinnitus Association ATA Research Program: Roadmap to a Cure

British Tinnitus Association 2017 Annual Research Review pdf

Frequency Therapeutics 2019 positive hearing recovery clinical trial results for intratympanic injection treatment for adults with stable sensorineural hearing loss from chronic noise exposure or idiopathic sudden sensorineural loss. More clinical trials planned.

Best of 2018: Articles on Noise & Acoustics by Soundproofist

Professional Guidelines

Tinnitus Care Decision Aid, British Tinnitus Association

Clinical Practice Guidelines for General Practitioners (2017, Feb) – British Tinnitus Association

Clinical Practice Guidelines: Tinnitus (2014) – American Academy of Otolaryngology