Looking for Free Tinnitus Hyperacusis Health Resources to Help You Cope Better?

[updated 09/01/19 Photo Credit Artem Bali at Unsplash] Find people with tinnitus-hyperacusis from normal hearing, Hearing Loss, and Deaf communities. T-H are from hyperactive hearing systems.  T = extra sound. H = extra loud sound. Hyper ears come in all ages and genders. These international tinnitus hyperacusis resources have helpful info in various languages. I don’t recommend or endorse resources. This is just an info share on some resources and peer support options.

American Tinnitus Association ATA Research Program: Roadmap to a Cure

Tinnitus Care Decision Aid, British Tinnitus Association

Clinical Practice Guidelines for General Practitioners (2017, Feb) – British Tinnitus Association

Clinical Practice Guidelines: Tinnitus (2014) – American Academy of Otolaryngology

British Tinnitus Association 2017 Annual Research Review pdf

British Tinnitus Association e-learning portal Take On Tinnitus

Internet Based Treatments for Tinnitus

Tinnitus Healthnetwork Forum

Tinnitus First Aid Kit

Free Progressive Tinnitus Management Workbook pdf via ata.org

Hearing, tinnitus, and hyperacusis in the arts pdf Dr. David Baguley,  British Tinnitus Association president, wrote this excellent article on how hearing, tinnitus, and hyperacusis are represented in movies, literature, film, and art. (Originally published in ENT and Audiology news/JULY/AUGUST 2018/Vol 27 No 3.)




American Tinnitus Association

British Tinnitus Association

Canadian Tinnitus Foundation

CAA Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Interest Group

European Tinnitus Association

Tinnitus Resesarch Initiative

Understanding Tinnitus Page

Hyperacusis & Tinnitus Support Group

Hearing Loss Stories [HL T-H]

Hyperacusis and/or Tinnitus Support Groups (search by different countries)


Speech Audiology Canada

Canadian Hearing Society

Acouphenes Quebec

Acufenos Association

EU Languages

Hyperacusis Focus

Hyperacusis Research


British Tinnitus Association

American Tinnitus Association

Australian Tinnitus Association

Deutsche Tinnitus-Liga e.V.

International Tinnitus Awareness Association

The Highly Sensitive Person

Noise Activists & Quiet Advocates

The Quiet Coalition

Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers

Living With Hearing Loss

Nyle DiMarco Foundation (Deaf Empowerment)

Musicians Hearing Loss Prevention

DPAN.TV (sign language media content)

Hearing Like Me Hearing Loss Community

Pulsatile Tinnitus

Hearing Health Foundation

Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Insomnia

Blogs about Relaxation, Mindfulness, and Meditation

25 Proven Tips for Better Sleep at Night

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Brochure pdf (Speech-Language Audiology Canada)

image from NIHL Brochure by Speech-Language Audiology Canada

To add a non-profit resource, please message me or put in a comment. No sales. Thanks!


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