Jan L. Mayes Free Horror Book Promo July 2018

I’m doing a free horror book promo to celebrate Friday the 13th of July right through to July 17th. Now’s your chance to get free copies of my horror ebooks. Get them while it lasts!


Horror not For Beginners

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Mature content not suitable for young or sensitive readers. No zombies, vampires, or werewolves. Why do left feet keep washing ashore? How many times will the dead return? Who will survive in these 12 creepy disturbing horror and paranormal short stories of menace, madness and murder?

Read free preview: Double Vision


Satire not for Squeamish

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paperback on sale July 13-17 (includes free ebook copy)




Mature content not suitable for young or sensitive readers. A polarizing satire of clinical trials where subjects with ringing in the ears are left horrified after Bell’s misguided tinnitus cure experiments. Will you love this optimistic Machiavellian psychopath pretending to be a doctor? Or will you hate that Bell’s interest in the cure is only to make money off people with tinnitus? He shows no regard for current scientific methods or clinical trial protocols, until an unexpected detour leads him to robotics and artificial intelligence. In the end of this satire, will Bell discover the tinnitus cure or will he get his come-uppance?

Read bonus content: Regretfully Invited

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Jan L. Mayes MSc Aud(C) RAud is an international Eric Hoffer Award winning author, audiologist, and hearing healthcare educator. She specializes in tinnitus, hyperacusis, noise-induced hearing system damage, and darkly disturbing, macabre horror fiction.

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