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I have put together this small reading room for people with similar interests on communication, public health, hearing health, and quiet activism to protect all species from pollution risks.

Environmental Noise Reading Room by Topic: 1974 – 2019

Compiled by Jan L. Mayes. Titles and links to environmental and community noise related documents and resources. I update this every now and then when I’m studying topics or googling around.

Flatpack Democracy: A Guide to Creating Independent Politics

The Frome model for city or community government change is a blueprint for “a non-confrontational way of working and a participatory approach to democracy.” Communities could use for air-noise-light pollution control at local levels.

Guide to Modified Exhaust Systems: A reference for Law Enforcement Officers and Motor Vehicle Inspectors

This is an enforcement guide for motorcycles, automobiles, and light trucks with modified exhaust systems (or modified stereo systems). These loud noise sources add to unhealthy high community noise levels.

Plane Truth: Aviation’s Real Impact on People and the Environment

This book describes the air pollution impact of aircraft on global health. Note: The noise pollution impact is just as serious a public health crisis.

Discord: The Story of Noise

This book describes the history of noise from this author’s perspective. Note: it doesn’t include the communication access impact or modern soundscape research on quiet city design and protection.

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