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I plan to add more content soon to this Education page on aircraft/airport noise levels in various countries including EU-UK, US, and Australia. Please click on the links or buttons to view content as needed.

Aircraft Noise Public Health Limits

Environmental Noise Guidelines – Executive Summary, World Health Organization (2018, p. 6)

Time BaseSource Noise Limit
Day-Evening-Night45 dBA
Night40 dBA

In development: Lesson plans on sound science (dB), measuring noise, and public health risk.

Aircraft Sound Level Examples

Prepared by Mayes, Jan L. (2019, October) Aircraft-Sound-Levels.pdf


Mayes, J.L. (2019, October)

Report (March 2019): ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF AIRCRAFT NOISE IN THE VICINITY OF MAJOR CANADIAN AIRPORTS. Report of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. 42nd PARLIAMENT, 1st SESSION .

Canadian Government Response to the Twenty-Eighth Report of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities.

European Union-United Kingdom

Noise Country Fact Sheets (2018)
Summarizes noise pollution data-industrial and transportation noise from air, road, and rail traffic-for EU countries including UK. Compares Environmental Noise Directive 5 year noise data cycle from 2002, 2009, and 2017. Broken down by sources, health impact, life years lost, etc.

It is unclear if UK will continue to be included in this noise mapping and reporting process after Brexit.

Since there are no mandatory noise control requirements, little to nothing has been done to control noise at source for aircraft.

United Kingdom Noise Fact Sheet (2018)


WHO Aircraft LimitUK People Exposed% Increase 2012-2017
Day-Evening-Night 45 dBA>55 dBA1%
Night 40 dBA>50 dBA11%

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