Coronavirus Diary March 21, 2020 All hope is lost; Canada coronavirus 811 hotline crashed

I thought things would get better today. It is better to have no expectations than slight expectations that are horribly dashed.

I had my CloudMD appt. But because of vision disability and unfamiliar with tech, I couldn’t get audio/video working on laptop for appointment and couldn’t get phone to pick up when called by Dr. So much for that idea.

I call police non-emergency to see about meals on wheels or something or helping prioritize me for groceries but they’re closed on weekend.

I called 811 coronovirus hotline but it is crashed. Either tons of people now have coronavirus and are calling for help or assholes are calling to tie up the 811 line needed by people like me who after 6 days have been completely unable to get assistance in the capital city Victoria of province British Columbia Canada. First world country my fucking ass.

I give up until Monday. Don’t expect any more diary posts for a bit. I feel like shit and just want to sleep and pretend this is all a nightmare.

Jan L. Mayes

“Never give up. Never surrender.”

Author, audiologist, educator, quiet activist, playing with words.

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