Short stories

Scary, funny, and sad micro-stories and flash fiction by author and audiologist Jan L. Mayes.

Pirate Spotting

“Avast,” cried the child from the next aisle over. “Avast, matey!” “Stay close,” I said as I picked through the black pleather boots on sale. Looking for my size in something without a 3 inch heel. The child ran over, tugging on my arm with excitement. “I found a pirate.” “No toys today,” I reminded …

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Chocolate Gift Tradition

Over the holidays, we discovered a gift at our doorstep. “What is it?” asked the child. “Chocolates from our hermit neighbour,” said His Highness. “She leaves them every year.” He ripped off the glittery wrapping paper. Fancy chocolates from Daniel Le Chocolat Belge. Yummo. While he wasted time checking the chocolate identification codes, I identified …

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