Jan L. Mayes info shares on associations, support groups, websites and other resources for people with tinnitus, hyperacusis, and/or hearing loss.

Looking for Free Tinnitus Hyperacusis Health Resources to Help You Cope Better?

Reading (bibliotherapy) and connecting with people who have T/H is often very helpful for people struggling to cope better. Most people (like Jan) have both. H and T are both from overactive hearing systems. Benign. Coping tools and therapy options are usually similar for both. So H info is usually included at T resources too. These are some – not the only – international sources of T and/or H info and how to cope better.

Hyperacusis Screening Test

There is currently no screening test for people with hyper ears or hyperacusis. With hyper ears, it’s as if the volume of the world is stuck on loud. Scientists are working on a valid reliable 10 question screening test. In the meantime, these are some questions to consider. The more ‘yes’ answers, the more severe …

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Tinnitus Hyperacusis Awareness & Empathy Facts

I think I have that, too. I hear noises in my ears every now and then. That’s regular human ears, not hyper ears (tinnitus and/or hyperacusis). Hyper ears hear too much sound. Tinnitus is hearing system hyperactivity; hearing extra sound(s) nobody else can hear. Hyperacusis is hearing system hyperactivity; hearing sounds extra loud compared to …

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