Merfolk Hope

MERFOLK HOPE Every chance I swam undersea Arms aside Thighs tight Feet ballet 1 Uncut hair streaming Hoping against hope Merfolk mermen mermaids swam upon me Saved me away to Mer kingdom Forever I longed to breathe Mer wet salt air Losing hope Age 12…13 Yet Still peek for mermaids mermen merfolk Hope undersea © …

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Moon Struck

Photo by Guzman Barquin on Unsplash used for Feature Image. I watched the moon levitate Trapped in wonder on the shore As it shimmered A golden pathway To my feet. What if other upturned eyes Are storing that peaceful glow Shared vision A magnet between us When we meet? ©2012 Jan L. Mayes Moon Struck …

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No Promises

Qualifying your affection.No promises, guarantees…so afraidI’ll overestimate commitment.Your fear seems desperateas a butterflyescaping the net.But I am no collector.I have no pinsto pierce your heart.Only hands to capture a fleeting momentof cherished flight together.Resigned to release you.No promises, guarantees…so afraidwhen season’s end must come. © Jan Mayes Photo by Daniel Klein on Unsplash

April Fool

Feasture Photo by Alejandra Quiroz on Unsplash My poems have never rhymed. Even when I first started writing poetry during my depressed teenage angst years. I wrote this poem in my early 20’s. Near the end of my first torrid love affair after catching my love cheating on me. What better day to share it. …

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