Assorted poems.

Dream Machines

I dream of a machinewiredbrain to brainthey hearexactly what I hearI dream of a machinepotato head inspiredears snap offnew snap onrewired brainsilencecopyright 2016 Jan L. Mayes (Gossamer)

Poem: Another Day

I never imagined Before you arrived Of the laughter you’d bring Or the joy deep inside Simplicity’s lessons Of smiles and of love For the smallest of games To the hugest of hugs A trip to the park Or a crawl down the floor Bring curious wonders As you enter new doors Growing so quickly …

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Moon Struck

I watched the moon levitate Trapped in wonder on the shore As it shimmered A golden pathway To my feet. What if other upturned eyes Are storing that peaceful glow Shared vision A magnet between us When we meet? from Gossamer: A Poetry Collection © 2016 Jan L. Mayes Photo by Lester Salmins on Unsplash …

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