Assorted poems by author Jan L. Mayes.

Gaia’s Garden

I wrote this poem about 5 years ago for a climate fiction paranormal mystery trilogy that’s still in the works. My idea was inspired by drought and summer fire destruction happening in my province of British Columbia, Canada, and in other locations around the world. My story takes place in a future devastated by global …

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April Fool Poem

My poems have never rhymed. Even when I first started writing poetry during my depressed teenage angst years. I wrote this poem in my early 20’s. Near the end of my first torrid love affair after catching my love cheating on me. What better day to share it. I thought when somebody told me he …

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Dream Machines

I dream of a machinewiredbrain to brainthey hearexactly what I hearI dream of a machinepotato head inspiredears snap offnew snap onrewired brainsilencecopyright 2016 Jan L. Mayes (Gossamer)

Poem: Another Day

I never imagined Before you arrived Of the laughter you’d bring Or the joy deep inside Simplicity’s lessons Of smiles and of love For the smallest of games To the hugest of hugs A trip to the park Or a crawl down the floor Bring curious wonders As you enter new doors Growing so quickly …

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