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New Press Kit for Tinnitus Toolbox Hyperacusis Handbook

Due to popular demand, I’ve published a general second edition of Tinnitus Toolbox Hyperacusis Handbook. This is an abridged version of the original book. Changes include fewer acronyms, less science, and only general information on noise-induced damage. The general version book is available in ebook and paperback versions.

The Desk Reference Edition is the original content version with acronyms and plain language reviews of evidence-based science including noise risk to hearing health. This book is only available in paperback.

For more details, please use this link to read the Press Kit for Tinnitus Toolbox Hyperacusis Handbook.


Website redesign in progress

My website is being updated for style, layout, and key content.

I hope you like the fresh new look.

Some of the older content is no longer available, but I plan to add some of it back over time.

If an old news post, survey, resource, or other content you liked is currently unavailable, please comment below or contact me and let me know you’d like it back.

Thank you for your patience during this process.


Summary of Articles by Jan L. Mayes 2010-2020

Featured image by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

Mayes, Jan L. (2020, April 8). A noise control cure for noise-induced tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Mayes, Jan L. (2019, Oct 5). Education report: Canada federal air pollution plus noise pollution public policy.

Mayes, Jan L. (2019, Feb 18). Urban noise levels are high enough to damage auditory sensorineural health. Sound and the Healthy City, special issue of the Cities and Health Journal, Routlegdge. DOI 10.1080/23748834.2019.1577204

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Plan for 2020: Reading, Writing, and Quiet Activism

Feature photo © 2020 Samantha Mayes

I never make New Year’s Resolutions, but I wanted to give everyone an update on my reading, writing, and quiet activism plans for 2020. Plus cookie related plans. I can’t guarantee I’ll get everything done. For my 2019 PopSugar Reading Challenge, I only finished reading 36 books out of 50 book prompts. I had a mental health crisis last year that I’m still recovering from. Here’s what I’d like to do in 2020 to keep me coping.

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