Mental health

Related to anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts when coping with chronic invisible conditions.

Self Induced Sound Therapy (BP) For Chronic Conditions

Supplier: Yourself.  Yoga teacher can teach technique.  The internet (e.g. has different videos showing how to do this technique. Cost: Free.  If necessary, you could pay for 15 to 30 minute yoga session to learn technique (approximately $10 to $20 in Canada). Category: Mind Enrichment (Relaxation), Body Enrichment. Sound Type: Relaxation sound (your own …

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Emotion System Help

I had a pain toolbox before I had a tinnitus treatment toolbox. I have a type of arthritis that causes chronic fatigue and chronic pain all over. It’s hard to cope with. It’s invisible. People don’t understand what it’s like. It’s distressing, and it flares up at times. Years ago in the 1990’s, my devices …

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