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50 Word Story: The China Dog

In February, Flash Tales online magazine editor Denise Dianaty issued a writing challenge to the We PAW Bloggers Facebook Group based on the flash fiction writing prompt: “Use the words ‘bark’ and ‘china’ to compose a 50-word story. You may make your story prose or poetry. The story must be exactly 50 words — no more, no less.”

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Short Story: Needle Work

Featured photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Rated M for Mature: Not for young or sensitive readers. Contains violence and paranormal theme.

This story is a flash fiction tale for a new illustrated anthology I’m working on with my favourite graphic designer. I’m curious to see what they will draw for this story.

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Short Story: Blowing Leaves

Feature Photo by Jessica D. Vega on Unsplash.

Rated M for Mature: Scenes of violence and coarse language. Not suitable for young or sensitive readers.

I’m planning to include this short story in my illustrated anthology currently in progress.


Padma’s stomach flipped as she ran to answer the front door. Through the glazed window panes, she could see a dark silhouette with a peaked cap. The police emblem slightly brighter than the surrounding material.

She took a deep breath and opened the door. Pasting on a smile.

“Is your husband here,” the officer asked.

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Short Story: Pirate Spotting

Feature photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

“Avast,” cried the child from the next aisle over. “Avast, matey!”

“Stay close,” I said as I picked through the black pleather boots on sale. Looking for my size in something without a 3 inch heel.

The child ran over, tugging on my arm with excitement. “I found a pirate.”

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Poem: Gaia’s Garden

I wrote this poem as lyrics for a song in my climate fiction novel that I plan to publish in 2020-2021. My idea was inspired by drought and summer fire destruction happening in my province of British Columbia, Canada, and in other locations around the world.

My story takes place in a future devastated by global warming, rising temperatures, and annual firestorms. Every year, the people left alive come together to sing Gaia’s Garden as part of an annual mandatory community ritual.

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