These fiction stories may not be suitable for young or sensitive readers.

Mary Annette

“Have you finished cleaning up your room?” asked Mom. A muffled mumble came from Chile’s closet. Mom scooped out some moisturizer and began dabbing it over her face, taking particular care to be gentle around her eyes. Chile burst into the bathroom, carrying something in her hands. “Mom, look.” Chile held up some type of …

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Needle Work

Featured photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash Rated PG-13: Not for young or sensitive readers. Contains violence and paranormal theme. This story is a flash fiction tale for a new illustrated anthology I’m working on with my favourite graphic designer. I’m curious to see what they will draw for this story.

No Promises

Qualifying your affection.No promises, guarantees…so afraidI’ll overestimate commitment.Your fear seems desperateas a butterflyescaping the net.But I am no collector.I have no pinsto pierce your heart.Only hands to capture a fleeting momentof cherished flight together.Resigned to release you.No promises, guarantees…so afraidwhen season’s end must come. © Jan Mayes Photo by Daniel Klein on Unsplash