These fiction stories may not be suitable for young or sensitive readers.

Covfefe Pie

Jolene was surprised when Mom invited them over for a special dinner the weekend before their wedding. Mom didn’t like Buck Neckid. She wished they wouldn’t get married. She prayed they wouldn’t get married. She never said she hated him. But she did. Right after they arrived at Mom’s house, Mom pulled Jolene aside. “Are …

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Merfolk Hope

MERFOLK HOPE Every chance I swam undersea Arms aside Thighs tight Feet ballet 1 Uncut hair streaming Hoping against hope Merfolk mermen mermaids swam upon me Saved me away to Mer kingdom Forever I longed to breathe Mer wet salt air Losing hope Age 12…13 Yet Still peek for mermaids mermen merfolk Hope undersea © …

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Moon Struck

Photo by Guzman Barquin on Unsplash used for Feature Image. I watched the moon levitate Trapped in wonder on the shore As it shimmered A golden pathway To my feet. What if other upturned eyes Are storing that peaceful glow Shared vision A magnet between us When we meet? ©2012 Jan L. Mayes Moon Struck …

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Detective Singh hung up the phone and spun around in his chair to face the squad room. “There’s been another one,” he announced. “Another what?” asked Gill. Singh stuck out his left leg and began tapping it to and fro in time to his singing. “You put your left foot in! You put your left …

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The China Dog

The white Staffordshire china dog stands on the mantel. Guarding the living room in silence. Its twin long since lost to a fatal crash to the floor. The dog waits for the cat to dare again. To approach. A sudden bark. Prompts hissing cat departure. Weak revenge better than none. © 2020 Jan L. Mayes …

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