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Review by Audiologist A. Karlamova

I enjoyed that it was very easy to read (i.e. patient-friendly), but accurate & informative. I am actually encouraging some of my patients to read it…especially those that are desperately looking for a “cure” or are “at their edge” regardless the education/counseling provided. Sometimes I find that patient’s need to digest information at their own …

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British Review

Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox was recently reviewed by Hearing therapist and former Chair of the British Tinnitus Association‘s Professional Advisers’ Committee, Lucy Handscomb. Highlights of the review include: The book’s style is clear and accessible. The book will give people a much better understanding of tinnitus and treatment approaches. The information and advice it offers is sound …

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E. Eayrs Review

Your work in bringing together and selecting useful treatments is extremely valuable, and has long been needed. Tinnitus Book Info Goodreads Author Page