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Poem: Moon Struck

Photo by Guzman Barquin on Unsplash used for Feature Image.

I watched the moon levitate

Trapped in wonder on the shore

As it shimmered

A golden pathway

To my feet.

What if other upturned eyes

Are storing that peaceful glow

Shared vision

A magnet between us

When we meet?

©2012 Jan L. Mayes

Moon Struck is included in my one and only poetry ebook. Every now and then, I add new poems in a free update to Gossamer: A Poetry Collection (2016).


British Review of Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox

Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox was recently reviewed by Hearing therapist and former Chair of the British Tinnitus Association‘s Professional Advisers’ Committee, Lucy Handscomb. Highlights of the review include:

  • The book’s style is clear and accessible.
  • The book will give people a much better understanding of tinnitus and treatment approaches.
  • The information and advice it offers is sound and helpful.


Tinnitus Today, Tinnitus Triage, and my 25th Tinnitus Anniversary

Mayes, J. L. (Winter, 2011). My 25th Tinnitus Anniversary. Communique. Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists, 14.

Mayes, J. L. (Spring 2011). Tinnitus Triage. Communique. Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists, 22-23.

Born, D. (2010). A Q & A Session with J. L. Mayes. Tinnitus Today, American Tinnitus Association, 25; 3, 14-15.


American Tinnitus Association Feedback on Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox

Canadian audiologist and ATA member J. L. Mayes has created an excellent resource for tinnitus patients.

American Tinnitus Association

Tinnitus Treatment Toolbox can be ordered at online or local bookstores in e-book, softcover and hardcover formats including from Trafford Publishing (