Jan L Mayes

Online Tinnitus Hyperacusis Surveys

Scientists around the world are doing online tinnitus hyperacusis surveys to gather data from people in the tinnitus, hyperacusis, misophonia (including phonophobia), “normal” hearing, hearing loss, and Deaf Community. Take a quick survey. Help them gather data that will make things better for our future. Tinnitus Tech Questionnaire This questionnaire is a part of ESIT …

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Police LRAD Crowd Control Hearing Trauma

[rev 9/23/17] Police say Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) sure do rattle people. Some people call it The Scream. LRAD or sound cannons are earsplitting. Pasternack (2014) reports that some people describe the effect as the knees buckle, the brain aches, the stomach turns and suddenly nobody feels like protesting anymore. The same article refers …

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