Author Jan L. Mayes Reader Experience Ratings: E for Everyone, PG-13, and M for mature.

Given recent confusion, I have decided to update my blog categories to help readers’ find the writing they want without exposing them to unwanted content. Over the next few days, I will be updating my blog with a system of blog post ratings: E for Everyone, PG-13, and M for mature.

In the absence of a rating, please assume a post is E for Everyone. If you disagree with any of my ratings, please comment on the post in question.

General Blog Post Ratings

E for Everyone = general entertaining stories or poetry, general content about hearing health, or quiet activism activities.

PG-13 for age 13 and older = stories, poetry, or content with more mature subject matter that may not be suitable for young or sensitive readers including references to mental health, occasional swearing including f-bombs, mild non-graphic violence, and/or mild non-graphic sexual content.

M for Mature: stories, poetry, or content with mature subject matter not suitable for young or sensitive readers including swearing or coarse language, non-graphic mild or implied severe violence, and/or non-graphic mild or implied sexual content.

Thank you for your patience while I update my blog to enhance reader experience and avoid offending any reader so unfortunate as to stumble across an M for Mature blog post when they were looking for E for Everyone.

If that has happened to you, I humbly apologize and am making every effort to rectify the situation as soon as I can given my current poor health.

Jan L. Mayes

“Never give up. Never surrender.”

Author, audiologist, educator, quiet activist, playing with words.

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