Hope you’ve had a safe summer.  I’ve kept too busy writing non-fiction, killing plants, cat napping, reading horror, and going for walks with the dogs.

My July to September writing list is longer than I realized. Here’s a recap with links to read more. 

My biggest project this year was co-authoring papers for Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics with Daniel Fink, MD, Director of the Quiet Coalition in the United States.

These discuss risk of hyperacusis or decreased sound tolerance as well as tinnitus and hearing loss from non-occupational noise damage. Obviously, children, teens, older adults, and people who already have hyperacusis, tinnitus, or hearing loss from any cause are at higher risk or noise-sensitive.

These papers are free to read and share:
Too loud: Non-occupational noise exposure causes hearing loss

Unsafe at any sound: Hearing loss and tinnitus in personal audio system users.

I wrote about the danger in headphones for the Hearing Health Foundation Summer 2021 Entertainment issue.

I did my best to answer a hard question in the Summer 2021 issue of Tinnitus Today: Tinnitus can be unsettling, but it is seldom a sign of serious disease.

Articles listed below are at the Quiet Coalition, along with more on environmental and public noise issues. My topics range from accessibility, hearing aids, hearing protection, fireworks, motorcycles, and my fear that Canadian underwater noise will cause the next orca extinction.

I have a few more non-fiction articles on-the-go. But I miss sharing the odd poem or fiction story at my website.

I’m planning on sharing some in my News again. Hope people don’t mind a mix with my non-fiction news.

Thanks for any questions, feedback or suggestions on my writing.

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