Merfolk Hope

This poem was inspired by a recent article on Secret Life of a Mermaid. As a child, people called me a mermaid. They never knew I had merfolk hope. I spent my life in the ocean. Swimming, wishing, and waiting.


Every chance 
I swam undersea 
Arms aside  
Thighs tight  
Feet ballet 1 
Uncut hair streaming 
Hoping against hope  
Merfolk mermen mermaids swam upon me 
Saved me away to Mer kingdom  
I longed to breathe 
Mer wet salt air 
Losing hope 
Age 12...13 
Still peek for mermaids mermen merfolk 
Hope undersea 
© 2020 Jan Mayes 

The next ebook update for Gossamer: A Poetry Collection will include Merfolk Hope and any other new poems since the last update.

Feature Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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