Gaia’s Garden

I wrote this poem as lyrics for a song in my climate fiction novel that I plan to publish in 2020-2021. My idea was inspired by drought and summer fire destruction happening in my province of British Columbia, Canada, and in other locations around the world.

My story takes place in a future devastated by global warming, rising temperatures, and annual firestorms. Every year, the people left alive come together to sing Gaia’s Garden as part of an annual mandatory community ritual.

Feature Photo by Veeterzy on Unsplash

Gaia had a garden

Plushly green and pure

Crystal water mountains

Sustenance for all

Bullies took Her garden

Lying murder theft

Poison vandalism

Dread extinction death

Children tend Her garden

Now for evermore

Return Gaia’s nature

Plushly green and pure

© 2016 Jan L. Mayes

Gaia’s Garden is included in my one and only poetry ebook. Every now and then, I add new poems in a free update to Gossamer: A Poetry Collection (2016).

When I publish the novel, I might include my simple composed piano music for Gaia’s Garden if readers are interested.

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