Commercial Noise Pollution in Underwater Habitats

This free pdf is at my issuu online publication platform. It is a text transcript I did of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s educational livestream hosted by Bob McDonald of CBC. Link: The future of killer whale recovery. If humans don’t protect the whale’s habitat from noise pollution, the whales have no future.

Commercial shipping noise pollution and other habitat threats in the Salish Sea are killing off Southern Resident Killer Whales. When this was written there were 78 left living on Earth. 3 more died last summer so we’re down to 75.

Canadian federal government approved TransMountain pipeline expansion project includes a 5 year project to build a huge manmade Island DeltaPort 2 in the middle of the Killer Whale’s Salish Sea summer feeding grounds. Once Deltaport 2 is in operation exporting oil/gas products to other countries, the increased foreign noisy ships will dramatically increase underwater noise.

There are other options for utilizing Canada’s natural energy resources that don’t risk the next species extinction on Earth.

Scientists predict extinction within 5 to 10 years. The population will be too small to maintain itself and will die off.

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Jan Mayes

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