Children’s Age Guidelines for Hearing Protection

Hearing protection should fit like swim goggles to seal out sound waves.

Jan Mayes

Earplugs are not recommended for children up to age 12 unless prescribed and fit by an audiologist or professional. This follows the principle of kids’ shouldn’t stick anything smaller than their elbow in their ears. 

For wearing earmuffs, from birth to 3 years old is a grey area. Babies are born with 2 soft spots (fontanelles) on their head where skull bones haven’t fused together and hardened yet. This gives room for the baby’s brain to grow inside the skull. The back soft spot is usually finished fusing closed when babies are about 3 months old. The top soft spot is usually finished fusing closed when babies are about 2 to 3 years old.

In the past, parents didn’t usually have to worry about noise damage to their baby’s hearing. Now it’s more common to see babies and toddlers with earmuffs on at loud public places like concerts or stadiums. Earmuff headbands have a slight spring tension to keep the muffs sealed in place against the head. Stretching out the headband to make it looser destroys the protectiveness. Is the slight pressure safe for baby’s head? Parents need to weigh the risk versus risk of noise damage if loud sound exposure is unavoidable.

Age 0 to 3 months


Age 3 months to 3 years


Age 3 to 12 years


Age 13+


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