The Grave of Gelert

The Grave of Gelert is outside Beddgelert in Wales. Hidden near a long river walk beside the River Glaslyn and fields of sheep. Mostly forgotten now. Do you know the tale?

Gelert was the King’s most faithful companion. Always at his side in hunts and battles. The King’s loyal dog that he loved more than any pet.

One day, the King returned to his castle. Gelert greeted him with bloody jaws and fur. The King gasped and ran to his infant son’s bedroom. The cot was empty. The bedding was splattered with blood. The King pulled out his sword and thrust it straight through Gelert’s heart. Killing Gelert instantly.

A baby cried. The King found his son lying in a corner of the room. The dead body of an enormous wolf lying nearby. The wolf’s body was bloodied and torn. Killed by the dog protecting the King’s baby.

They say the King never smiled again.

© Jan Mayes

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