Sir Jakitty’s Secret Adventure

“My backpack feels really heavy!” complained Chile as she headed out the door to catch the school bus.

Once she was sitting on the bus, bumping down the road, she unzipped the backpack to see why it weighed so much.

“It’s moving,” she whispered to her friend.

Round golden eyes peeped out warily. “Meow,” said Jake.”

Chile closed her backpack, and thought about how to discreetly handle the situation. But it was too late. Once she arrived at school, the rumour spread like wildfire. Skepticism and disbelief quickly turned to shock and awe when the children saw that Chile did, in fact, have a cat in her backpack.

The animal rights activists protested loudly that the cat would die of oxygen deprivation. They reported Chile to The Principal for cruelty to animals. The school called home to report the cattastrophe.

“We have to go get Jake from school,” His Highness told me.

I carried Jake from the school amid thrilled screams of “KITTY!” I couldn’t figure him out. Was he the next James Bond of cats? Was this a planned covert ride along operation? A cry for attention? Or did he just choose the wrong place for a nap?

Later, I told my elderly neighbour that Jake had secretly gone to school. “What type of cake?” she asked me.

“JAKE!” I replied.


“The. Cat.” I said it in my best Barry White audiologist voice, enunciating clearly in a slow baritone pitch. Each. Word. A. Sentence. Like William Shatner.

She agreed Jake’s cat tale was amusingly mysterious. We debated the kitty conundrum. Is he wickedly smart…or the exact opposite?

His Highness said, “It’s not like it’s the first time a cat has ever gone to school in a backpack.”

I added, “Maybe it’s the first time a cat went to school in a backpack without its owner’s knowledge.”

Chile had already asked the school about any prior history of cat visitations.

Apparently Jakitty was the first to secretly attempt matriculation. Riding to school on the school bus was also a feline first.

The next day, Jake was posed on a dresser. His fur velvety shining, and his eyes winking contentedly.

“Oh Jakitty,” I murmured with some admiration. “Oh Jakitty Jakins.”

Jakitty just purred mightily. His expression supremely inscrutable as always.

© Jan Mayes

Feature Photo by Hannah Troupe on Unsplash

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