Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco versus e-Cigarettes

The latest trend supposed to take over the e-Cigarette market is heat-not-burn tobacco. It’s produced by big tobacco companies. Users heat leaf tobacco until it’s an aerosol they can inhale. Dr. Matthew Stanbrook, a specialist in respirology at Toronto Western Hospital, says “This is really nothing more than a marketing effort on behalf of the tobacco industry to keep people using tobacco products to expand the smoking population and getting people to stay on these products that might otherwise quit.” Heat-not-burn tobacco still has harmful toxic and cancer causing ingredients. Airborne second-hand heat-not-burn tobacco would be harmful too.

e-Cigarettes or vaping causes problems too including lung damage. A chemical in non-organic vape juice called Propylene Glycol or PG is also likely toxic to the hearing system. Many people, including myself, report hearing problems after vaping with PG including temporary or permanent hearing loss, tinnitus (noises in the ears or head), and decreased sound tolerance (hyperacusis). Although I stopped vaping, my hearing health never recovered to where it was before I used e-Cigarettes with vape juice containing PG.

There is organic vape juice with little to no PG in the ingredients. Some people might be affected even by these small amounts. The lung damage risk is likely similar to any e-Cigarette. Organic e-cigarette juice is thicker and can gum things up, so more frequent cleaning is needed. While some countries have good availability for PG free vape juice, Canada isn’t so great, and it doesn’t allow importation for international on-line orders. Moonshine Brew in Vancouver makes organic vape juice and ships in Canada and to USA, Eurozone and Australia.

Between the hearing health damage and lung damage risk, I don’t use e-Cigarettes anymore. Everyone is individual and needs to make their own decision if trying to quit smoking or using e-Cigarettes for other reasons.

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