Jan L. Mayes

Eric Hoffer Award winning author, blogger, audiologist, noise activist, bookworm, playing with words.


Addicted to writing flash fiction, horror fiction, and non-fiction with the odd pirate poem thrown in for good measure.


Specializing in tinnitus, hyperacusis, noise damage, and hearing health education.


I hang out at Goodreads doing annual reading and PopSugar challenges.

Noise Activist

Urgent global action needed to protect public health from damaging indoor and outdoor environmental noise.

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Something can be done

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The truth about noise

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Poll: How Thicc is paperback Tinnitus Toolbox – Hyperacusis Handbook?

I wrote my first non-fiction hearing health book on tinnitus hyperacusis coping options in 2010 – and did some small revisions in 2012. I just published my new book Tinnitus Toolbox – Hyperacusis Handbook. People say nothing can be done for people with tinnitus (ringing, buzzing, whistling in the ears) and hyperacusis (sound is painfully… Read…

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Positive Reviews for Tinnitus Toolbox – Hyperacusis Handbook

Readers are sharing positive reviews for Tinnitus Toolbox – Hyperacusis Handbook. It’s now available for people with tinnitus (hearing too much sound) and hyperacusis (hearing sound too much). It’s for parents looking for answers. It’s for professionals to use as a clinic resource and to share with clients, e.g. audiologists, family doctors, otologists or ENTs,… Read…

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